MarcusMarcus EdvardssonMarcus EdvardssonMarcus EdvardssonMarcus EdvardssonMarcus EdvardssonMarcus Edvardsson

I am Marcus Edvardsson, a metal guitar player, I’ve got long hair, long beard, a cool car, some cool guitars and large balls. I was born 1978 September the 16th (gosh, looks like a loooong time ago) here in Östersund, Sweden. I still live in Östersund because I kinda like it here even if it’s snowy, cold winter days, short summers, mosqitos and those large flies that litteraly eat flesh from you. I have all my friends here, my bands and my love here.

I do most of my work in the Empire Studio (www.empirestudio.se) but I’m also working at home with mixing, mastering and stuff that don’t need any instruments in my apartment. All my work is presented here so this is were this neat homepage comes handy.

So.. what else.. I work on Macintosh computers because I love it and I think they are the best. The software I use is Logic Studio Pro 8 made by Apple them selves. It’s just great when it comes to tracking, cutting, mixing, mastering and everything else that comes with recording music. Having that said I would like to welcome you to this simple web site and if you have any music you would like to record or having mixed/mastered – just send me a mail. Go to the CONTACT menu.

Okay…. SkÃ¥l, Prost, Cheers, Salut…